Privacy Policy

When it comes to our privacy policy, we, at, are pedantic.  We understand your explicit need for protection of your personal information and identity.  We always endeavour to ensure that our clientele’s data is kept protected from outside intrusion and always safe from prying eyes.  When you choose to communicate with us via our website and leave your personal information with us, you can be assured it is in safe hands.

The information that we gather is mostly for our record keeping and internal data capturing.  However, sometimes we utilise the information given to us to test whether we are providing the best possible experience for you and that means adjusting our services and interface to offer you that perfect journey with us.  Some details, such as your demographic data, i.e. where you live, including your postal code, are necessary for these testing’s.  With details, such as your contact data, i.e. Email address, telephone and mobile numbers, as well as your job description and name, we ensure only the staff of have privacy to this.

We pride ourselves on using the most up to date and effective security programs and protocols, so that your private data is kept private.  It is, in fact, quite impossible to access our website without proper authorisation. The software that controls the hardware and software is so robust that we feel quite confident that no information will be leaked out or misused in any many.  We do use cookies, which are paramount in making your experience on our website more advantageous, however, if you feel you do not wish to use our cookies then you do not have to.  Just know that using them will make your moving around our website seamless and fast.

As it is with many websites, we do have links to outside sites, as this aids and benefits your experience.  Please note, though, that once you click on any of these outbound links, we cannot be held responsible for any untoward happenings that may occur.  By giving your information to other sites that were sourced by linking out of our website, renders us unaccountable.  It is simply impossible for us, at, to have any control over these other sites security programs and protocols.  It would be wise to check out their privacy policy and ensure that when you do hand over your data to them, that they have similar promises to ours.  You do all this at your own risk.  Please be aware of this upfront.

With regards to third party’s, should you be happy that we hand over your personal information, please let us know by checking the appropriate box on the form you will find online.  We are not in the habit of giving our clients personal data to other parties, however, if the deal requires it to be done, and you have given consent, we will gladly oblige.  With that in mind, we do ask you to then, provide us with proof of your personal details, i.e. Phone number, email, address and name.  We must, of course, ensure we are not dealing with a robot or computer-type character on the other side.  This is just another way we try to safeguard your precious information.

Because we want your experience with us online to be a rewarding and an easy one, we will, from time to time, ask you to rate your dealings with us, and in addition make suggestions on how you feel we could better.  The idea behind this is so that we can improve and grow, and in turn make your experience a happy and productive occurrence. We want you to come back to us, after all.  In that, please refer yourself back to the privacy policy every so often to ensure you understand how the website may have changed and the way you will use the website going forward.